Preparatory Actions

Action A.1. Project Management: Aims to set the foundation for the project management and implementation.

Action A.2. Mapping of the current situation: Aims to set the baseline for the project focusing on recording existing statistical and empirical data as well as extracting data from three (3) public opinion researches related to food waste in Cyprus.

Action A.3. Communication plan: Aims to organise and define in a specific manner all the communication and dissemination activities and act as a guide for all project partners.

Core Actions

Action B.1. Development of Collaboration Network for Social Food Donation: The network will be developed between project stakeholders and social partners to facilitate the implementation of future actions/initiatives. Participants in the network will have access to the online platform and networking events.

Action B.2. Workshops and Consultations with stakeholders: Target businesses of the F&H sectors, professionals, students, local authorities, NGOs as well as school children. The aim of this action is to ensure the achievement of the project objectives by involving key stakeholders and reaching the targeted audiences.

Action B.3. Development of project material: Specific project material with practical information addressed to the key target groups of the project and more specifically businesses and households/consumers to deliver knowledge on food waste prevention. To address policy makers, a policy paper/report will also be prepared.

Monitoring Actions

Actions C: These actions will allow the monitoring of the project impact and results using quantifiable data regarding the environmental, socio-economic and awareness – raising impacts.

Communication and Dissemination Actions

Action D.1.: A comprehensive public awareness campaign will be implemented through the use of various media and communication channels. The dissemination will also be achieved through the project website, the development of mobile app and other promotional material and activities.

Action D.2.: Transfer of knowledge, networking and replication of the project elements in Cyprus and the EU. Specifically, results will be disseminated and presented to stakeholders in Cyprus and the EU outside the hospitality industry, whereas efforts shall be made to create synergies with other LIFE projects on food waste prevention and management.

Project Management Actions

Actions E: These actions will guarantee the proper technical and financial management of the project.