The FOODprint campaign organises specific activities aimed at transferring knowledge, replicating and sharing experiences within the European Union and promoting recommendations, good practices and solutions to stakeholders to better manage food waste.

Through these activities, the FOODprint campaign seeks to build on the knowledge gained by studying other LIFE projects and initiatives to reduce food waste in Europe and internationally.

At the same time, the FOODprint campaign promotes its own experiences and good practices during the implementation of the project to stakeholders in Europe and Cyprus.

These activities are developed in the form of online and other events.

Events with Life+ projects

The webinar meeting took place on 3/12/2020

Material for consumers:

Reduce food waste at home: learn how to shop (leaflet)

LIFE – Food Waste Stand Up teaches us how to shop with some simple tricks to avoid food waste. Through our behaviour and choices, we as consumers can help reduce and prevent food waste.

Reduce food waste at home: learn how to recognise the shelf life of different foods (leaflet)

The LIFE – Food Waste Stand Up project teaches us how to read labels and understand the expiry date of food to avoid waste. Through our behaviour and choices, we as consumers can help reduce and prevent food waste.

The webinar meeting took place on 18/12/2020

The REthinkWASTE project, which received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union, will be carried on in 2019-2022 with the main objective to endow public authorities with a “plug and play” model based on “Pay-as-you-throw” (PAYT) and “Know-as-you-throw” (KAYT) approach.

The goal is to increase the separate collection of waste, reduce residual waste per capita and boost the recovery rate, whilst simultaneously cutting the average household waste bill.

The webinar meeting took place on 22/10/2021

How to store leftovers (leaflet)

WASTEless teaches us how to store our leftovers considering the storage capacity of each food item in the fridge and freezer.

Video: ‘Do not take more than you can eat’

WASTEless made a short video on preventing food waste.

The webinar meeting took place on 11/11/2021

Food donation platform

The Boroume in Greece project created a platform for food donors to work together to reduce food waste and support our fellow human beings in need.

The webinar meeting took place on 29/06/2022

The three-year project, which started in January 2022, is coordinated by Barilla Foundation in partnership with ALMA – The School of Italian Culinary Arts (IT), ENAIP NET (IT), JAMK University (FI), and Nutritics (IR).

It aims to contribute to the development and implementation of the EU Climate Policy and the Farm to Fork Strategy by actively involving European chefs as promoters of low emission, nutritious and affordable diets, and to promote a mainstream debate on food as a key factor for climate change mitigation.

Life Climate Smart Chefs | LIFE20 GIC/IT/001708


Educational material:

How chefs can help save the planet

The Life Climate Smart Chefs programme offers educational material for cooks to provide chefs with the knowledge and skills to make more sustainable food choices.

The FOODprint campaign participated in a networking event on 5 July 2022

Press release

Life Foster| LIFE 17/GIE/IT/000579


Co-financed by the EU Commission LIFE Programme and led by the Italian network for VET, ENAIP NET, the LIFE FOSTER project aims at reducing waste in the restaurant industry. The project focuses on these main fields: TRAINING AND EDUCATION, PREVENTION AND COMMUNICATION.

The interconnection between environmental, social and economic dynamics identifies training and education as key instruments to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the UN (SDG 2 Zero Hunger; SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production).

The project is implemented in the following countries: France, Italy, Malta, Spain.

Contact Person: Emanuela Vizzarro International Area – ENAIP NET – ENAIP Veneto

Via A. da Forlì 64/a, 35134, Padova (PD) Tel. +39 0498658925  Mob. +39 3482311954

[email protected] –

Video 9 Easy Steps to Reduce Food Waste at Home

The Life Foster Project with this video teaches us in 9 simple steps how to reduce food waste at home.