operating in the Food and Hospitality industries of Cyprus are important since they will be involved in the development and operation of the ‘Collaboration Network’ and the ‘Social Food Donation’ initiative of the project.


on sustainable solutions and practices to possibly prevent and reduce food waste through their application


following a programme related to the hospitality and food industry are important since they represent the future of the industries and will be able to implement what they learn in their future employment.

Local authorities, NGOs and civil society organisations

will represent the ‘social actors’ of the Collaboration Network and will act as the connecting link between businesses and the recipients of the ‘Social Food Donation’ initiative. Also, they will participate in the consultations at the beginning of the project and will be at the front line for pushing policy guidelines.

Policy makers

will include representatives of the national government and large municipalities. A policy report will be created in the context of the project and presented to policy makers to facilitate the creation of economic incentives and legislation towards businesses for application of the waste hierarchy.

General public

Including households, consumers, school children.