The FOODprint campaign aims to achieve meaningful results that support the efforts Cyprus is making to achieve its goals to reduce food waste.

The results result from the campaign’s actions implemented throughout its duration from September 2020 to April 2023.

The results stand out through a series of actions that provide primary and innovative material for knowledge and awareness raising.

They can also be useful for mobilising stakeholders to bring about meaningful change towards reducing waste.


The FoodPrint campaign implements a series of surveys – at the beginning, in between and at the end of the project – on food waste in Cyprus.

The surveys are presented in the campaign activities.

Their most important findings are presented in consultations and briefings of citizens and stakeholders.

They are also used for communication purposes and are included in the information and training materials.

1st Survey – Baseline Survey

2nd Survey – Interim

Online surveys

Mapping involves the recording of legislation, statistics and initiatives

In order to map the current situation of food waste in Cyprus, the FoodPrint campaign is conducting a series of consultations with professionals in the hospitality, catering and food service sector, local authorities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

The aim is to actively consult, feedback and engage businesses, local authorities and NGOs in the overall effort to reduce food waste.

Through the consultations it was possible to gather in one report valuable information and to document the challenges in managing food waste.

The FOODprint campaign has produced a Guide to Good Practices and solutions for reducing food waste, improving the use of raw materials and saving resources.

This Guide includes policies and suggestions that support the smooth integration of a business into the Circular Economy.

The FOODprint campaign prepared information material with information for every informed citizen.

An information leaflet and a poster are at your disposal.

Together with simple tips to reduce food waste.


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Online Courses for Primary and Secondary School 

The courses aim to inform, raise awareness and, above all, educate students.

They include topics related to food production and waste, food safety, food security, food waste management and reduction, composting, responsible consumption, adoption of sustainable practices to reduce food waste.

The courses are designed to provide unique pedagogical learning experiences through games, quizzes, learning scenarios. They can be used by both teachers and students both at school and at home.

The design of the lessons provides opportunities for immediate feedback in relation to the topics each lesson addresses; through interactive applications it contributes to reflective learning, reflection and the development of critical thinking.

The online courses are relevant to Primary Education (grades 5 and 6) and Secondary General Education (Gymnasium cycle).

They are of one (1) and two (2) teaching periods and are offered at the school site by the staff of the Environment and Sustainable Development Education Unit of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus.

Education of students and students

The educational courses for students and pupils aim to present different aspects of the food waste problem at international and European level.

They make use of links to the results of surveys and other studies of the FOODprint campaign.

They include an interactive discussion with students and pupils and a screening of the campaign’s videos.

The Food Wastage Calculator is an innovative electronic tool for easy measurement of wastage based on a list of foods we usually consume.

It measures economic costs, social costs and environmental costs.

The measurements help to better understand the problem and its impact.

The results motivate us to raise awareness, learn more about good practices and reduce our footprint.

The FOODprint campaign has created this “corner” for journalists who want to do more reporting and research on food waste.

The problem of food waste is global in scope and is a major concern for both economically advanced countries and developing countries.

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The FOODprint campaign organises specific activities aimed at transferring knowledge, replicating and sharing experiences within the European Union and promoting recommendations, good practices and solutions to stakeholders to better manage food waste.

Through these activities, the FOODprint campaign seeks to build on the knowledge gained by studying other LIFE projects and initiatives to reduce food waste in Europe and internationally.

At the same time, the FOODprint campaign promotes its own experiences and good practices during the implementation of the project to stakeholders in Europe and Cyprus.

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