The FOODprint campaign has created this “corner” for journalists who want to do more reporting and research on food waste.

The problem of food waste is global in scope and is a major concern for both economically advanced countries and developing countries.

These dimensions are simultaneously economic, social and environmental.

Within the European Union, a number of directives, policies and measures are in place that make it a pioneer in the management of municipal organic waste, including food. But the alignment of Member States is not uniform.

In Cyprus, the issue of food waste is being highlighted for the first time through the FOODprint campaign and it is becoming extremely timely and urgent as the impact of waste is serious and the targets set by the EU and Cyprus are becoming more and more pressing.

Cyprus is at a very crucial point to move decisively forward.

This is where the intense journalistic interest in dealing with food waste as an integral part of a major shift in our society stems from.

The FOODprint campaign offers the material below with the expectation of empowering the journalistic community in the common effort for a more sustainable and greener Cyprus, with well-informed citizens.