DIAS Publishing House Ltd

DIAS Publishing House Ltd is the largest and most comprehensive Media Group in Cyprus entertaining and informing on a daily basis, hundreds of thousands of viewers, readers, listeners, and Internet users via electronic and printed media

The department of Innovation and Development designs and implements projects under European, national and international funding. Through the projects, the organization has created an extensive network of associates from the EU and neighbouring countries.

In general, the projects concern the implementation of Information campaigns, promotion of cultural heritage, entrepreneurship, competitiveness – technology development and information and communication technology, multi – sectoral programmes and reconciliation and peace-building programmes.

Website: https://www.diasmedia.com/en/contact

Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

The Department of Environment is the authority competent for the protection and preservation of the natural environment. The role of DE is both advisory in the formulation of government policy on environmental issues, and executive in the implementation of environmental legislation.

Its mission is to protect the environment, promote the sustainable management and conservation of our natural capital, and ensure the sustainability of ecosystems and that the environment is of quality adequate for sustaining the health and wellbeing of present and future generations.

The DE consists of five sectors dealing specifically with pollution control, waste management, environmental impact assessment, nature and biodiversity, and climate change. The Waste Management Sector is responsible for the implementation of the EU circular economy package, the EU waste legal framework at the national level and the national Waste Management Strategy and Waste Prevention Programme for all waste types.

Website: http://www.moa.gov.cy/moa/environment/environmentnew.nsf/index_gr/index_gr?opendocument

Friends of the earth (Cyprus)

Friends of the Earth (FoE) Cyprus is an environmental, non-profit, and non-governmental organisation, which was registered in 1993 and has been based in Limassol since then. FoE Cyprus is a member group of Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) and Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE), the European Environmental Bureau, Zero Waste Europe and Break Free from Plastic. FoE Cyprus is a member-based organisation with 450 registered members at the moment.

The core values of FoE Cyprus include ecological and cultural diversity, environmental protection, environmental, social and economic justice, gender equality and supporting the intrinsic value of nature and the inextricable link between nature and people.

FoE Cyprus has been implementing programmes and projects focusing on climate change, sustainable energy, food sovereignty and resource management. Moreover, FoE Cyprus has been implementing EU funded projects since 2012 that involved organising several public awareness activities (i.e. events, workshops, trainings, panel discussion, roundtable discussions and field visits), networking and alliance building (i.e. working with stakeholders, developing collaboration networks) and advocating for several campaigns (i.e. climate change, food sovereignty, single use plastics).

Website: https://www.foecyprus.org/

Opinion & Action Services Ltd

Opinion & Action Services Ltd – Strategy, Planning and Communication Consultants provides a broad framework of consulting services in the field of communication, strategic planning and analysis. From the very early stages of its operation, Opinion offered support and promotion services of EU policies, ideas and strategies.

Opinion & Action Services Ltd has focused on promoting research, consulting and communication activities for supporting reform strategies in Cyprus and the EU in the fields of environment, social cohesion and protection, immigration and asylum, management of human resources, education, employment, communication, business and regional development. Additional, Opinion’s objectives include the planning, implementation and evaluation of training activities and public events, the organisation, promotion and preparation of media productions, as well as the drafting and development of strategies and plans.

With trained staff, extensive knowledge in the field of EU policies and experience in communication support, the implementation of awareness campaigns, the implementation of public initiatives, the preparation and dissemination of informational material, the implementation of radio and television productions, the creation of websites and social media tools and the organisation of press conferences, public debates and other public events.

Website: www.opinionaction.com

Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation

OEB was founded in 1960 by 19 pioneering entrepreneurs. Today, is the most representative national employer organisation with more than 10,000 members/enterprises, political independent, with a mission to promote and support the benefits of Cypriot businesses in Cyprus, in the EU and internationally. Its members are active in all sectors of the economy and employ more than 60% of the private sector’s workforce.

The Energy & Environment Department of OEB, founded in 2016, implements actions on the topics of energy, environment and sustainability that can improve the competitiveness of renewable energy technologies, remove administrative or other barriers for the promotion of energy efficiency, support Cypriot manufacturers to maintain their global position in the installation of domestic solar thermal systems, promote clean technologies for environmental protection and the 2030 targets for circular economy, waste management, and climate change.

The Energy & Environment Division of OEB has organized since 2016 more than 50 conferences, informative and other events to transfer knowledge related to energy and environment to its members. There are many projects have been developed by the Energy & Environment Department that aim e.g. the promotion of eco-innovation, blue energy, energy efficiency, GHG emission reduction etc. OEB operates in environmentally friendly manner. Since 2017 OEB is EMAS certified as well as produces on site renewable electricity through PV net metering system.

Website: http://www.oeb.org.cy/

Parpounas Sustainability Consultants Ltd

The company specializes in the provision of services in the environmental and waste management sectors. Parpounas Sustainability Consultants builds on the extensive experience (19+ years) of its founder Kyriakos Parpounas in Cyprus and internationally, on waste management, packaging management, waste legislation, setting up and managing EPR schemes and evaluating Deposit Refund Solutions. In 2005, Kyriakos was chosen by the local industry to develop the collective EPR schemes in Cyprus for Packaging Waste, Electrical and Electronic Waste and household Batteries (Green Dot Cyprus, Electrocyclosis and Afis).

He oversaw all the communication activities developed by Green Dot Cyprus for the promotion of recycling. He has extensive worldwide experience with a very good knowledge of the EPR and other systems in most EU countries. Besides the development and the management of the various EPR schemes in Cyprus, he has also developed an EPR scheme for pesticides packaging in Greece for the European Crop Protection Association. He is also currently developing a Step-by-step recommendation on how to launch the EPR system in Ukraine for the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine. His expertise is widely recognized in Cyprus and abroad.

Website: http://parpounas.net/Default.aspx