Online survey – September 2022 (10th)

Cypriot consumers still underestimate the problem of food waste, believe they waste less and have a reduced perception of the environmental costs they cause, according to […]

A networking event for food waste stakeholders

Food Waste Stakeholders Summit 27 October 2022 9 AM to 4 PM Crowne Plaza Hotel Limassol Friends of the Earth Cyprus on behalf of the consortium […]

Το FoodPrint στην υπαίθρια αγορά Μπαϊρακτάρη (πλατεία ΟΧΙ) Μαζί με το Ράδιο Πρότο «τέρμα στην σπατάλη τροφίμων»!

H εκστρατεία FoodPrint οργανώνει ζωντανό ραδιοφωνικό πρόγραμμα με το Ράδιο Πρότο για ενημέρωση των καταναλωτών και ευαισθητοποίηση για την σπατάλη τροφίμων. Το ραδιοφωνικό πρόγραμμα θα γίνει […]

FOODPrint Awareness campaign – 5th Online research on food waste

As part of the LIFE – FOODPRINT project ‘Awareness – raising campaign to prevent and manage food waste among consumers, the food and hospitality industries’, the […]

LIFE SEMINARS – FOODPrint TO STUDENTS The first round of presentations was completed with MIEEK

Τhe active participation of the students of MIEEK of the Public School of Higher Vocational and Technical Education marked the first cycle of seminars for information […]

“LIFE FoodPrint” innovative initiative! Social Food Collaboration Platform

Do you have leftovers and food in your business or anywhere else that you would like to offer? The Life FOODPrint project has developed a Collaboration […]

LIFE – FOODPrint SEMINARS TO STUDENTS – Launching activities with Public Schools of Higher Vocational Education and Training – MIEEK

Τhe LIFE – FOODPrint campaign initiates on Monday, November 22, 2021 a new activity – a series of seminars to students in professions and disciplines related […]

The FOODPrint team meets COOPERATION PLATFORM: No portion of food lost

Online meeting and exchange of experiences Focusing on the establishment of a pilot national network of surplus social food supply in Cyprus, the FOODPrint team has […]

OEB – FoodPrint Awards for reducing food waste

The Federation of Employers and Industrialists OEB is promoting companies that are actively engaged on reducing food waste, by establishing “FoodPrint” awards. In a TV interview […]