More than a fifth of the weekly shop waste ends up in the bin

Cypriot households waste more food than they think, according to the findings of a survey unveiled on Thursday. According to the Life FOODprint survey, aimed at […]

Restaurant food in the garbage, due to non-consumption

Federation of Employers and Industrialists survey finds rampant food waste in restaurants, hospitality and food services At a time when the planet is reeling from starvation […]

Friends of the Earth broadcasts “S.O.S.”

88 million tons of food waste are produced every year in Europe – In Cyprus this number, unfortunately, amounts to 155,000 tons The greatest tragedy in […]

Food waste – composting: Our land is at risk of desertification…

Our daily habits and food waste can be disastrous for the environment and our health. We say ‘yes’ to composting as a method of reducing the […]

7 out of 10 buy food they don’t need!

The problem of food waste is a global one, with environmental costs reaching $700 billion a year. 1.9 billion tonnes of food is wasted every day, […]

23% of Cypriots throw their food in the garbage

If the human race had the power to negatively intervene in its environment, why shouldn’t it have the power to reverse its actions? Buying products for […]

Restaurants throw away 70% of our fish portion

A huge disaster for the environment and our planet Fish is considered the food par excellence of high society, considering the high prices of selling and […]

OEB – FoodPrint awards to businesses

Best practices in Cyprus – Ending food waste In an announcement by the OEB with the partners of the Life – FoodPrint programme, the terms of […]

Awarding businesses that promote the reduction of food waste

ΣOEB’s competition for businesses to participate in the “FOODPrint” Awards, which aim to reduce food waste and food waste – The awards will be presented on […]